Colleges hold ceremonies to honor veterans


SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Thousands of American flags are on display in Scranton to remember fallen troops.

Organizers at Marywood University say the number keeps going up, with 39 more added to the field of about 7,000 flags this year.

There's also a binder listing the names of those who died since late 2001.

On Friday morning, the university president, Sister Mary Persico, told people to treat others better, accept their enemies, and appreciate differences.

She says this type of behavior could prevent wars like the ones that killed so many people, represented by the flags.

"It really helps us connect with the rest of campus and I think it's a very visual impact on a lot of students, who are young enough that they maybe haven't considered that there's people in their classroom who have served. There's people teaching them who have served," says veterans services director Christine Black.

This is the sixth year for the Field of Flags. It's on the lawn next to the school's Veterans Resource Center on North Washington Avenue.

Meantime in Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes University held a ceremony honoring veterans on Thursday morning.

The school president spoke, along with a Marine who's now involved with a reserve unit in Wyoming.

A student on the Veterans Council read the poem "In Flanders Fields."

A second student, who's set to graduate and become an officer in the Air Force next year, played "taps" at the end of the ceremony.

"I've been playing trumpet for years, so I volunteered and said, hey do you mind if i play taps for some of our cadet ceremonies, and then I was asked to perform here," says Cadet Brian McKenna, a Wilkes senior and Air Force ROTC member.

McKenna, from Hillsdale, N.J., says this is his fourth time at this event while at college, and it's always moving. He says it shows there's support for the military on campus.

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