City block plagued by flooding issues


SCRANTON (WOLF) -- People in one Scranton neighborhood say their ongoing flooding problems seem to be getting worse, and some have even lost cars.

Now, they want the city to do something about the sewer system.

Residents say they have seen crews working on the street after a couple of bad floods that happened in the past year, but they are still worried when they see high water floating into their block, and they want a major fix.

Tonight, they showed us pictures of just how bad it can get.

"It was just floating. They were actually just like moving with the water," says area student Nikhil Patel.

"It swept seven cars away right down the road and it's very dangerous for young children," says resident Kathleen Fanucci.

Fanucci says she's been calling city council members for help. While it's been flooding here in the 400 block of Phelps Street for years, she says it seems to be getting worse.

"That one in July was actually the worst one we've ever seen because of how quick the onset of it was," says resident Jack Davis.

"The second time it came down and then all the way down there it was up to my friend's porch, like all the way up and she couldn't leave and her next-door neighbor's car was floating around and my truck. That's why we got a new truck," says Jeremiah Sertin, 10.

"All the water comes down from the hills and everything and basically the water goes to like this height," says Patel, showing almost shoulder-high water.

After the flood in July, one resident's car sat there damaged saying, "disabled vehicle due to flood."

Some people lost their vehicles. There was more high water in February, with residents pictures showing water on the street, but no cars in the street because they'd been moved.

"It's a sad situation that's been going on for 20 years. We need the city do something with the sewers here," says Fanucci.

"Once it gets really bad, the water actually stops draining into the storm drains and comes up like a geyser," says Davis.

"Actually, my basement got flooded and we had to go to my grandma's house," says Sertin.

Fanucci says council members have visited the block, but nothing has been done, so they still worry about heavy rains here.

"Anytime it rains heavy, we move our cars off the street, but we sit on the porch, mostly to warn people because you always get somebody coming down the street and trying to drive through it," says Davis.

"Doing something underground with the sewers to make it bigger or provide some kind of drainage," says Fanucci.

Residents say the water flows down here to a block that's lower than other streets.

"I think that the lines that take the water away are too small. If you walk up N. Washington Avenue, there 's not a storm drain between here and AAA," says Davis.

"The drainage system, it should, it could be better," says Patel.

Residents say the Scranton Sewer Authority has been responsible for the drainage system, but now that it was recently sold to Pennsylvania American Water, they believe it will be up to the city of Scranton to make any fixes.

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