Checkpoints, roving patrols in effect for Sunday's big game


(WOLF) -- Tomorrow is the big day for Eagles and Patriots fans, many of them from across our region, and police in Luzerne County want to make sure that those fans get to and from those game day parties safely.

They’re reminding partygoers to wear their seatbelts, drink responsibly, and make sure they have a designated driver.

And there will also be officers out on the roads making sure everyone’s sticking to those rules.

“The Eagles have been there and missed, maybe this year with Nick Foles coming in, Carson Wentz going down, the underdog role, plus from Pennsylvania,” Jerry Fitzpatrick, of Pittston, said.

“I could go for the Patriots, but at the same time I can’t really go for the Patriots because its not right,” Cliff Bowman, of Wilkes-Barre, said.

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting a ton of support ahead of tomorrow’s big game and many in Luzerne County will gear up and hit the roads to go to watch parties.

But before you head out, police want to make sure you stay safe.

“Anytime they go to a party whether that’s a Super Bowl party or just going out for the evening, they should have an opportunity to go out and look for a designated driver,” Tpr. David Peters said.

The Luzerne County Impaired Driving Program will be conduction checkpoints and roving patrols throughout the weekend.

Police departments participating include Pittston, Mountain Top, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, and those in the Back Mountain region.

“They’re looking for any type of impairment whether that be alcohol related, that could be drug related. Any type of traffic violation or infraction that keeps them incapable of safe driving, that’s really what they’re looking for – somebody that is incapable of safe driving,” Tpr. Peters said.

According to PennDOT, last year on game day there were 181 crashes statewide. 17 of those were due to alcohol.

And with a Pennsylvania team playing tomorrow, police say they’re on heightened awareness.

Football fans we spoke to had their own advice for drivers.

“You do not drive intoxicated. No way, or buzzed, no way. Because you can kill an innocent life, you can kill an animal, and I’m going to cry over that, or a cop no you don’t do that,” Shawna Shea, of Lewisburg, said.

And suggestions on where to set those checkpoints.

“They set them at the most inopportune places that you could think of to try to catch people, but at the same time they don’t set them places where they should be at, i.e. they should actually sit near a bar instead of near someone’s house that’s not even nowhere close to a bar,” Bowman said.

Another tip for partygoers tomorrow: getting the Uber or Lyft app or call a cab for a ride home if you choose to drink.

And for hosts: offer food and non-alcoholic beverages at your parties and help your guests sort out their designated drivers in advance.

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