Center set up to help flood recovery in Susquehanna County

HALLSTEAD, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- People in Susquehanna are beginning to pick up the pieces after last week’s flooding.

Officials there opened a multi-agency resource center to help residents create recovery plans.

More than 70 families stopped by the emergency management office in Montrose Monday.

Up until Wednesday evening, they can get help with things like housing assistance and counseling, and even pick up cleaning supplies, food, and water.

Monday, the Dubois Creek in Hallstead was calm and the road next to it -- clear.

But just last week, things looked a lot different.

The creek exceeded its banks causing parts of the road to buckle and damaging many of the homes sitting across from it.

“It was devastating, it was like a war zone. Trees, hundred foot trees, washed up across the road and just gravel and mud. Power lines down," Tom Roe said.

Roe’s property was almost completely covered by water.

It completely eroded the ground beneath this walkway and left a thick layer of mud in his garage and basement.

“2006 was a little worse, but this is enough to cripple people again for many years," Roe said.

Roe is still paying back a loan he took out to repair damage from *that flood and will need more help with this one.

His wife took a ride down to the county’s EMA office in Montrose where officials have set up a multi-agency resource center.

People can report their damage to PEMA and then start building a recovery plan with the several agencies set up inside.

The Red Cross was also there handing out flood clean-up kits.

Donna Jaros and Charles Sattler’s home in Franklin Forks took a hard hit and they’re still dealing with the aftermath.

“Perfecting the art of cleaning without water," Jaros said.

“So yeah like we can’t mop the floor or anything. A little bit of water got in the kitchen and the living room, but we can’t clean it up because we have no water to work with," Sattler said.

They’re grateful the county is stepping in to help.

“It feels good. Its help," Sattler said.

“And the community itself, everybody, all of our neighbors have been so helpful. Offering places to stay, places to shower, bringing food," Jaros said.

The resource center will be open again tomorrow and Wednesday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Officials are also warning people to be wary of scam artists claiming they work with different agencies. Always ask for ID before accepting help.

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