Cancer center reopens after flooding in Pottsville

It was a big day for Geisinger Cancer Services in Pottsville Wednesday.

The center reopened to patients and staff.

It’s the first time since heavy rains last month left more than 40 inches of water inside some parts of the center.

“It was absolutely devastating. It was devastating for our patients, it was devastating for our staff. So, we had to move all of our operations to our center in Hazleton. So our staff had to go there, our patients had to go there. It was a big challenge for everyone involved," Keri Michalik, RN, said.

“Well I can say I’m ecstatic. Very happy and I think a lot of the patients are too to be back. It’s good to be back," Karen McQuillan, with Geisinger, said.

Geisinger provided gas cards for patients since they had to travel further to Hazleton.

The radiation oncology office across the hall remains closed for repairs.

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