Cabot Oil and Gas, Corp. hit with $99,000 fine for air quality violations


MONTROSE, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- An oil and gas company in Susquehanna County is facing a big fine for air quality violations.

The Department of Environmental Protection says that its reached an agreement with Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation in Montrose.

The company will have to pay $99,000 for violations related to equipment at natural gas wells throughout the county.

The DEP says that since 2013, Cabot had excess emissions of natural gas from 267 pneumatic controllers, tools that maintain liquid levels, pressure, and temperature, at various well sites.

It says those levels went above 6 cubic feet per hour above national standards and that Cabot also did not submit complete compliance demonstration reports for 20 of its gas wells.

Both of those are violations of the Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act.

But one local man we spoke to says he’s not worried.

“Fines are going to happen. Everything’s regulated enough that they’re not doing anything wrong. Things go wrong, accidents happen, and life goes on,” Chris Short, of Montrose, said.

“They take care of everything they have to do to make the air quality good. I haven’t changed my breathing yet, so we’re okay.”

FOX56 reached out to Cabot earlier for comment, but they did not get back to us.

However, the DEP says the company has acknowledged the violations and taken necessary measures to come into compliance.

The fine will go to the DEP’s Clean Air Fund.

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