Bloomsburg students rally behind beloved townie

Bloomsburg students rally behind beloved townie

BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WOLF) -- Not much good comes out of Bloomsburg's block party.

Police write hundreds of tickets, and break up countless fights.

This year, one beloved townie was mugged.

"I had a stack of two-dollar bills in my left pocket, and this kid came up and grabbed them out of my left pocket. And since I have no vision in my left eye, I really couldn't see him coming," said Bob.

The man goes by "2-Dollar Bob" and is known for giving out two dollar bills to college students.

He's had a thing for the bills since he was a child.

"People enjoy it, and in this world we're in, it's just like silly fun like the old cartoons. I say, what's the point of all this? There is no point," he said.

With a signature shirt, hat, license plate, and even tattoo - Bob is an eccentric Bloomsburg staple, playing the roll for the last 13 years, a more-or-less title given by the students themselves.

"I'm the type - if you do something, you have to do it right. Because anybody can get two dollar bills, but this two dollar bill on my back is permanent," he said.

When Bloomsburg University student Meghan Garofalo found out he was attacked, she wanted to show there is good and people do care.

So, she started a GoFundMe

"It's so easy for people to just stand around and not do anything, but people don't realize that it's so much easier to do an act of kindness too," she said.

The word spread.

"There are so many people that knew who you were from everywhere and as soon as you saw the GoFundMe after having five and six hundred shares," Meghan told Bob Thursday as she presented him with what the GoFundMe raised.

125 people donated and it hit over $1,200.

But for Megan and Bob, it was bigger than the money.

"I felt that if I wasn't going to be a target, then it's just not worth it. but then I got a call from Meghan, and a lot of other people came up to me... I didn't know anybody knew about it, to tell you the truth," said Bob.

"All we cared about was that you were okay and that you felt okay on the inside," Meghan told him.

"I'm not gonna get one incident, one person get me down," Bob shared.

Garofalo was also recognized by the university's Dean of Students Office and their 'Be the Best BU' campaign, for her positive contributions to the community.

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