Black Creek foam no longer a mystery

Photo was taken from a yard in Black Creek on January 12, 2018

In January, residents of Black Creek in Hazle Township were angry over mysterious suds appearing in their yards.

Samples were taken and sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP received test results and the foam tested positive for surfactants which is an element contained in detergent.

The investigation traced the foam back to a sewer outfall at Henkel, Inc in the industrial park nearby. The DEP has sent a Notice of Violation to Henkel and has requested a meeting with the company in late February to discuss the incident.

The DEP plans to conduct a “biological assessment” of the creek, as well as a stream assessment, to look at long-term impacts on insect and plant life in the creek from the foam material. Samples will be taken over several months from the creek area to be analyzed by the department.

A department biologist will monitor the creek on a regular basis to detect any visual impacts from the foam. So far no visual impacts have been noted.

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