Bill proposed to reform welfare

Local representative are proposing a bill to reform the welfare system.

Local representatives proposed a 20-bill package toward welfare reform, saying if you are able to work with no dependents then you will.

They say the plan will help families improve their quality of life and get rid of waste and abuse within the current system.

The lawmakers say that provision alone would apply to more than 50% of the people receiving state benefits.

"The overarching theme is people are happier and healthier when they take pride in their work," said State Representative Aaron Kaufer, who represents Luzerne County. "People want to work, but the system is failing them. This is about unlocking people's potential. It's time to restore the working class. We need to support Pennsylvanians who truly need it."

Nearly 3.2 million people in Pennsylvania receive some kind of public benefit from the state. That's almost 25% of the population.

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