Berwick couple faces child sex abuse charges

Berwick couple faces multiple sexual offense charges

A man and a woman from Columbia County were arraigned in front of a district judge on Wednesday morning on several child sex charges.

Berwick Police say Katie Boylan and Joshua Fry, both 36-years-old, admitted to viewing child pornography while being under the influence of meth.

The criminal complaint says that one of Boylan's children went to the guidance counselor at school Tuesday and handed over a notebook she found at her mother's house that made her "upset and disturbed."

According to the complaint, the notebook was a 10-page story describing the sexual abuse of a 9-year-old in graphic detail. It also mentioned the desire to video and take pictures of the abuse.

Boylan has four children aging from 7-months-old to 15-years-old. Fry is the father of two of them.

Police say Boylan admitted writing the passages in the notebook over several months but says she did so while under the influence of meth.

Fry admitted to reading the passages, but both denied having any sexual contact with any children.

Berwick Police say the notebook also mentions a "Tor" which is a web browser that is used usually for illegal activity by masking the user's identity.

Investigators say the couple admitted to using meth at night while the children were asleep.

Police Chief Kenneth Strish said bail for both was set at $100,000.

Neither posted bail and are now at Columbia County Prison.

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