Berwick building demolition delayed another day

For the second day in a row Thursday, crews were on scene of a partial building collapse in Berwick.

However, a planned demolition didn't happen.

Those waiting hours to watch crews begin tearing down a piece of Berwick history found themselves let down.

"A little disappointed because I think the longer they wait, the more of a chance somebody else could get hurt. Even though it's blocked off, we all know how well people listen,” Laura Penles, Berwick, said.

On Wednesday afternoon, a portion of the Masonic Building on the corner of East Second and Market Streets collapsed onto two cars stopped at a traffic light.

At least four people were injured, including 53-year-old Denise Leiby and her 17-year-old daughter Latia from Nescopeck.

Tonight Latia remains in critical condition.

"I drive it every day coming to work. So, it's terrifying to think that I could have been, or somebody I love or know could have been in their car driving to work or somewhere and then something like this happens. My heart goes out to that family, or those families that were affected by it. It's just so sad,” Renee Fawess, of Berwick, said.

It's still unclear exactly what caused a portion of this historic building to come toppling down.

However, the mayor says it was not on any watch list and there were no intentions to tear it down.

Crews were scheduled to begin taking down the top floor this morning.

But then the victim’s lawyers got a court order to collect evidence from the scene, which delayed it for several hours.

By late afternoon crews with PPL cut down electrical wires.

But then it was too late to begin the demolition.

So crews will return Friday morning to give themselves a full day of sunlight.

"I'm going to come check it out tomorrow again. See what happens. See if they did anything, or what's going on,” Marci Stuckey, of Berwick, said.

While it's turned into somewhat of a spectacle, many agree somebody needs to be held accountable.

"Some families were very much affected by this and that's not OK. I think this should be a wake-up call and hopefully that the borough and the area will look into all the buildings in this area,” Fawess added.

A portion of Route 11 remains closed until the demolition is complete.

So, if you plan to go to the Bloomsburg Fair this weekend, officials suggest you use I-80 West instead.

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