Bacon week at the Anthracite Cafe


All things bacon... It's what you'll find at one restaurant in Wilkes Barre the week before 'Ash Wednesday'.

It's the time when the season of Lent begins for Christians and the owner of Anthracite Cafe has been serving food and drinks that are 'bacon infused'.

It has bacon covered ribs, deep fried bacon, and even bacon-infused Bloody Mary drinks.

Michael Prushinski, the owner of The Anthracite, says "we start this a week before Lent. And we let people fatten up before Lent. Before they have to start sacrificing some food items for the 40 days of Lent. So we started it four years ago and it kicked off. Last year we did a half a ton of bacon and we're gonna try and change that; do a little more than that this year."

It's the 5th annual Bacon Week celebration. It began a week ago and ends on Fat Tuesday.

The owner said the bacon comes from a local wholesaler..

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