Avoca World War I veteran posthumously awarded Purple Heart medal

DURYEA, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- A local World War I veteran is finally receiving his Purple Heart medal 100 years later.

Congressman Matt Cartwright presented Corporal David Boone’s family with that medal today at a ceremony in Duryea.

Exactly one century ago today, Boone was poisoned by mustard game while serving in France.

He was awarded the Purple Heart, but never received the medal.

His son, World War II veteran John Boone, reached out to Cartwright and State Rep. Mike Carroll for help. Today, he and his two sisters accepted the medal along with their families.

“I took it upon myself to go and see what was going on and get some information so that was over three years ago, and that’s when it started. I dedicated myself to getting the Purple Heart for my dad," John Boone said.

“Its just always a pleasure to jump into these things. When you find out about a service member who has not received his or her service decoration, we dig right in. Because that’s nothing but a pleasure for us," Cartwright said.

The Greater Pittston AMVETS Post 198 Color Guard also participated in today's ceremony.

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