Area ski resorts begin snowmaking process

Camelback Ski Resort began making snow this weekend.

WOLF-TV (Pocono Mountains, Monroe County)-Just below the still-colorful Pocono Mountains, Camelback Snowtubing Park looks like a winter wonderland.

"It's always super exciting here at Camelback when we start making snow and the temperatures drop," said Director of Sales and Marketing Dru Brooks.

And drop they did, with record lows set throughout the region. FOX56 Chief Metereologist Mike Linden says the chilly weekend was unusual for mid-November.

"This time of year the average temperature is in the lower 50's," said Linden.

"We're starting to drift more towards that upper 40's mark. This cold, as it has been, is certainly cooler than normal for this time of year."

With temperatures in the teens, Camelback was able to make snow for 48 hours straight over the weekend, in some areas up to 20 feet high.

10 of their 250 snowmakers were fired up, as they begin the process in the snowtubing area.

"There's a lot of science that goes into it, so there's air pressure, water pressure, and then the temperatures," said Brooks.

"We can control the styles of snow that we make based on the amount of water we put in the air. We build a little cloud, and it snows. pretty amazing."

Camelback is hoping to open the snowtubing area by Thanksgiving, and the rest of the park by early December.

Big Boulder Park in Lake Harmony was thrilled to open for the season over the weekend. Montage Mountain in Moosic began their snowmaking process, and hopes to open for early December as well.

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