Annual Little League Classic a hit with local baseball fans


    The stars of Major League Baseball were out tonight in Central Pennsylvania.

    For the second time ever, Historic Bowman Field hosted the Little League Classic game. Thousands of people flocked to Williamsport Sunday to take part. It's a unique opportunity for kids, and kids at heart, to get up close and personal with some of their favorite MLB players.

    "It's so fun to be here and to get your ball signed by the MLB players," Liam Krimmel said.

    The two teams faced off in a game that was anything but normal. That's because, even before the players stepped foot onto the field, they were helping kids make lifelong memories. Many signed autographs for fans, watched Little League World Series games from the stands, and shared a few quick words with folks who showed up hours before the players even arrived.

    "This is like home to us," Karen Zellers said.

    Zellers is from the South Williamsport area, she says she used to bring her kids to the Little League World Series, now she's bringing her grandkids.

    If you were to ask around you would be sure to find others with the same story.

    The game comes as the Little League World Series heats up. Players and team mangers for the professional teams say it's a good change of pace from their normal routine.

    "We actually are happy to be here," Phillies Manager, Gabe Kapler, said.

    Whether folks at the game were rooting for the Phillies or the Mets, they say the love of the game unites them all.

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