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8th Annual ULLR Fest at Camelback Resort

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Camelback Resort held its 8th annual ULLR Fest.

It's a festival dedicated to the Norse God Ullr, whom many believe helps to bring snowy winters.

They'll have activities such as ice carving, skiing, and live music.

Admission is ten dollars per person.

Paid parking will be available in mountain lots.

Tim Bayer, Vice President of Facilities, Camelback Resort

“It's not Camelback exclusive, this is done across the country and/or the world and it's really rooted very very deep in Norse legend, to the God of Winter. Ullr Fest is really the kickoff of winter. It's our celebration. All the staff, all the guests come in. It's really the excitement anybody. Everybody gets together and we start bonding right now. We all start really just giving that God, Ullr, a big prayer for a nice, cold, snowy winter and it's really the kick off and we're all super excited this time of year.”

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All proceeds will be donated to Protect Our Winters which is a non-profit that focuses on climate change legislation.

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