163rd Annual Bloomsburg Fair kicks off

    163th Annual Bloomsburg Fair kicks off

    BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WOLF) --If you're feeling hungry...

    "It's straight from the apple, what you see is what you get," said Jessica Campbell.

    Or hoping to quench your thirst...

    The 163rd Annual Bloomsburg Fair is sure to satisfy, kicking off tonight in Columbia County.

    "Anywhere from McIntosh to gala, red delicious, yellow delicious... every batch is a little bit different, so that's also what makes it unique too, so you never know what apple you're going to get... but it's a nice mix which makes it really sweet and really good tasting," said Campbell, whose family business, Benton Cider Mill, has been setting up shop at the fair for 42 years.

    "It started with my great grandfather, then my grandfather, so it just keeps getting passed down from generation to generation which is really cool."

    Not only can you grab a bite to eat but you can learn about where your food comes from.

    "Cheese that's being made from last year's milk, from our dairy barn, so it's 1300 pounds of cheddar cheese," grinned Jeff Giger.

    He heads the fair's livestock - all 1400 of them - that plan to make their way here by Sunday.

    "We're trying to really educate. They don't do near as much of that in the schools these days, so we feel it's our duty to educate people and have fun while doing it!" he said.

    Like the Benton Cider Mill family, Jeff feels home here too - continuing 60 year legacy.

    "It's in our heritage. My grandfather was our director before me, and my father and I don't know any different and it's just great helping the kids and helping the livestock, it's a great family," he shared.

    And aside from the farm and food... there's plenty of live music, rides, vendors... and much more to see.

    The Bloomsburg Fair goes every day through next weekend.

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