16 arrests made in Hazleton on Friday as part of 'Operation Alliance'

16 arrests made in Hazleton on Friday as part of 'Operation Alliance'

About 50 officers from the federal, state, and local level targeted the city of Hazleton on Friday.

The police collaboration, called 'Operation Alliance,' began at 1:30 p.m. and ended around 9 p.m.

Officials held a press conference Friday night revealing their findings.

According to Luzerne County District Attorney, Stefanie Salavantis, there were 16 arrests. Officials recovered hundreds of pills and multiple bundles of fentanyl and heroin. There were also seven cars impounded, including one that was stolen from Philadelphia.

"It absolutely does save lives. The amount of drugs that we were able to take off the streets today could have saved hundreds of peoples lives and that's what we focus on. If we could get a packet of heroin off the street or fentanyl off the street that means one more person may not overdose and die," said Salavantis.

According to Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale, the department is currently made up of 42 officers. On a typical shift, there are less than seven officers working the streets of Hazleton.

"I hope the message is clear that if you come here to buy drugs, sell drugs, break the law... you're coming to the wrong city," said Speziale.

Officials said they plan on conducting more operations in the future.

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