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12 hours of Jazz to support Ukraine

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The Jazz and art communities showed their support for the people of Ukraine today with a 12 hour long festival.

"The thing is when you have art it inspires people to live better and live bigger then they do when they don't have art in their life," Patricia Brunson said

The Jazz festival started at noon Thursday. Filling the Lafayette Bar, Deer Head Inn and Vics Jazz Loft with music and people.

"It's a benefit for humanitarian relief, for Ukraine and we are pretty much blown away to have over 50 musicians, volunteer their time and talent for this cause," Co-Owner of Stabin Museum and Vics Jazz Loft, Joan Morykin said.

Vics Jazz Loft in Jim Thorpe had a great turn out for the event.

"In addition my family is Ukraine so there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would do everything that we could to unite music and musicians and do everything we can to raise money for Ukraine at this terrible time," Morykin said.

Marko Marcinko is a Jazz drummer. Playing in during the festival had special meaning for him as he has family and friends currently living in Ukraine.

"What we are trying to do to raise money and make everyone aware of the tragedy that is happening over in Ukraine. It is super important and this is just a small thing that we could do for it, but hopefully a lot of donations will come in. A lot of wonderful musicians are involved. We give our heart we give our soul and we are trying to support the people as best as we can," Marcinko explained.

Jonathan Broady saw all three venues through his lens as he was chosen to photograph the event.

"The place was packed and there is just a certain vibe. You know to see the Ukraine flag in front of that stage," Broady said.

Patrons and artists of the festival feel that music has a special way of bringing people together.

"The healing properties of music are just boundless. I mean music is therapy, music is connection," Morykin said.

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"The music is very communal, it is very social so you have that aspect, but the vibration that comes from the music and the healing power of music and all of the things you could put into it in such a sense is super important," Marcinko explained.

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