Hanover Township Fire Dept. unveils new headquarters

Hanover Township Fire Dept. unveils new headquarters

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- "They say firefighters are tough guys but it does bring a tear to my eye," says Hanover Township Fire Chief Joe Temarantz.

Quite a site to see, this brand new building, a headquarters for those who serve Hanover Township.

"It's been a few years form paper to making notes on paper to meetings to coming here every other Friday through the mud," shared the Chief.

It's been a whole decade making this vision a reality.

Five years ago a lumberyard sat where the firehouse now stands.

"To be able to secure a million dollars in funding for this three million dollar project... this is what it's all about. This is about building better communities," said State Senator John Yudichak

They've consolidated what was six fire companies into one identity, centralizing the emergency services under one roof.

"Our response time actually has been cut in half from what we normally would have coming from the far end of town to the far end of the other side of town," said the Chief.

Chief Temarantz showed off the new digs, saying that it's moved from the 1980's into the modern era.

"I can tell you that before we were in stations that had two bays. We would come back, we'd have to pull a piece of apparatus out in the dead of winter to pack hose, to wash hose," he said.

With five bays, a new instructional room, kitchen, workout room and tons of storage for gear, they feel more able to tackle what today - and tomorrow - have in store.

"The efficiency is far greater, much safer for our guys. We have room to work. We have room to dry our hose, clean our gear, do all the necessary things we need to do to be safe ourselves and protect the community. It makes a world of difference for us, it's just a great unbelievable feeling," Chief Temarantz said.

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