Walk-in Clinics for back to school vaccinations

Shavertown Walk-in Clinic

Back to school is right around the corner… and with those new vaccination requirements, you'll need to know how to get your child up to date.

Dr. Alan Boonin sees patients at one of three walk-in clinics in the Commonwealth Health system.

The walk-in clinics are an excellent resource for last minute vaccinations as kids head back-to-school, especially with the new Department of Health rule that requires proof of vaccinations. Previously, students were screened in school but not required to present vaccination records.

Dr. Alan Boonin: “What it boils down to is that as of august 1st, they’re going to exclude kids from school if they don’t have vaccines up to date.”

Dr. Boonin says that as children get older, vaccines---and the repeated doses in a series-- are sometimes overlooked.

Dr. Alan Boonin: “If kids aren’t coming in after their first round of vaccinations, from when they’re born to four years old, they’re going to play catch up.”

Parents are being notified about the changes making it clear that if a child is not in compliance with the new rules, they will be asked to leave school, or even stay home. Once the student brings proof from the doctor’s office, they will be allowed back into school.

Dr. Alan Boonin: “So they want people vaccinated. Period. As opposed to saying, I’ll get it done and then in six months, it’s not done yet.”

In addition to the walk-in clinic in Shavertown, Commonwealth Health has walk-in clinics in Mountaintop and Mid-Valley.

If you’re unsure about which vaccinations your child needs, it’s best to check with your doctor before school starts.

To find a walk-in clinic near you click here.

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