Emergency Room visits at Commonwealth Health


We like to think of holiday lights, you usually don’t think of this. Injuries and illnesses increase during this time and can lead here to the Emergency Room.

Dr. Alexander Rios/Commonwealth Health E.R. Physician: “We see a lot of falls from the elderly, they want to be around family and increased activity during this season, they’re already a fall risk, we do see that.”

And there are holiday excesses such as more food, more sodium, more gastrointestinal flare-ups and secondary trauma from alcohol.

Dr. Alexander Rios/Commonwealth Health E.R. Physician: “If they’re not able to take food or if there’s a fall, loss of consciousness, don’t wait, we’re here 24/7.”

Doctors also say:

• make sure you know what’s in the food you eat, especially items containing nuts that may lead to food allergies
• Keep a close eye on children near hot ovens and stoves
• And be extra careful at the cutting board or dinner table with sharp knives.

And if your injury isn’t life-threatening, you can even save yourself a place in the ER waiting room.

Jodie McMillen/Commonwealth Health Director Of Critical Care Services: “It’s, they’re able to register online, pick their time that’s convenient and wait at home.”

That service is for minor injuries like abdominal pain or cold symptoms, and Commonwealth Health reminds people that if symptoms resemble heart attack or stroke, or severe injury, an ambulance or 9-1-1 should be called immediately.

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