Open MRI machine now in Scranton


Powered by a 15,000 pound magnet, the newest addition in diagnostic technology at Advanced Imaging Specialists in Scranton is an Open MRI machine that went into operation in the last few weeks. Construction had to be done and a wall removed, then put back together with the proper shielding for the powerful magnet.

Dr. Jamie Stallman/Advanced Imaging Specialists Radiologist: “We’re really excited to have this open MRI here at advanced imaging because it adds to our other high field MRI and can accommodate patients that can’t otherwise have an MRI in a closed or high field unit.”

The high-field units give the sensation of being closed in a tube and it can be unsettling for some patients, especially those who tend to be claustrophobic.

AN open MRI has a top and bottom magnet and does not enclose the patient. It works better for those who have space issues, as well as pediatrics and obese patients. The painless diagnostic procedure takes about 45 minutes so patients are made as comfortable, such listening to their favorite, soothing music.

Right now, this is the only open MRI machine in the Scranton area and for most applications like routine brain and spine imaging, patients will find it more comfortable.

There are a few applications that require high field unit like breast and cardiac MRI’s that we won’t do on an open MRI but for most imaging patients can choose to be imaged on an open MRI.

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