New ventilator advances care on ground transport vehicle

Inside Commonwealth Three

WOLF-TV (Scranton, Lackawanna County)-Commonwealth Health’s advanced care ground transport vehicle is now equipped with a new ventilator that allows the critical care team to treat all ages of patients.

It’s called Commonwealth Three and when you see it on the roads throughout our area, you might be inclined to refer to it as an ambulance.

Rick Rogalewicz, critical care registered nurse says, “This is no standard ambulance. This is an ICU mixed with an emergency department on wheels. There’s not much we can’t do in the back of this for patients.”

And now that a state-of-the-art Hamilton T-1Ventilator has been added, the crew is able provide optimal therapy to all patients during transport.

Before this, neo-nates who needed a ventilator were treated in an isolette. In addition to responding to emergencies, Commonwealth Three also transports patients from one hospital to another without compromising their level of care.

“This was the first in the area, the first program, improving patient outcome, seeing patients and giving them a higher level of care coming from outlying hospitals or emergency departments.," said Rogalewicz.

The transport team provides the same advanced procedures that can be done onboard the helicopter Commonwealth One. And when the helicopter can’t fly because of inclement weather, this critical care unit becomes even more valuable.

“We can take them by ground safer, we don’t have to rush, we can manage very safely in the back of the ambulance.”

Commonwealth Three responds to approximately 50 to 75 calls a week.

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