Level II Trauma Center at Wilkes-Barre General

Trauma bay

Each time an ambulance pulls up to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, there’s a possibility of traumatic injury. And now that it’s been accredited as a level II trauma center, Wilkes-Barre General has proven that it has the necessary resources and organizational structure to provide care for the most serious life threatening injuries.

Dr. Denis Tereb/Trauma Center Medical Director: “Modern trauma requires very complex approach. The injuries get more complicated, people are older, there are geriatric people that require a complex team approach.”

Trauma Center Medical Director Dr. Denis Tereb says the new critical care tower expansion that is above the existing emergency department will further streamline the level of care here.

As a level II trauma accreditation goes into effect, some of the staff have been staging mock trauma drills.

Those drills are conducted in any one of the three dedicated trauma bays here at Wilkes-Barre General.

Dr. Tereb says the level II accreditation is a sign of great progress and a new beginning for the hospital.

Dr. Denis Tereb/Trauma Center Medical Director: “Every member of the local community can give their best to the community, and has to provide the best. This is what we are serving for and striving for.”

There are four levels of trauma care in Pennsylvania; the difference between level I and level II is that level I centers require trauma research and surgical residency programs.

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