Health First | Treating children's eyes

Health First | Treating children's eyes

Leif’s Olson’s parents first brought their 6-and-a-half year son to Nanny’s Eye Care in Dunmore back in January for a serious eye condition that baffled his pediatrician.

Dr. Nannette Zale Refice specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and she was able to quickly make the diagnosis.

“Turns out he had what’s called orbital cellulitis so while he was in here, we made the decision he should be admitted to the hospital,” said Dr. Refice.

Leif’s condition was scary to his parents, but Dr. Refice’s calming manner put them at ease.

“Our understanding is that pediatric ophthalmologists are rare and to have one in the area, we’re very lucky,” said Marcy Olson, Leif’s mother.

Dr. Refice has practiced for 20 years and was thrilled to open her own office in November of 2017. She set it up to be welcoming to children like Leif.

She focuses only on patients from birth to 18-years-old from complicated eye problems to just needing glasses at any age, even for infants who need glasses.

And since Nannette, who was called Nanny as a child, loves kids and goats - she designed the mascot.

“So that’s our mascot, Billie Goat, and I love the name and my dream actually came true,” said Dr. Refice.

While Leif is fine today, Dr. Refice’s expertise in pediatric ophthalmology made all difference.

“You have to have a special knack to work with kids and she does, she can get them to pay attention but she can also have fun with them,” said Marcy.

Dr. Refice exams patients at her office on Drinker Street in Dunmore and she also performs surgery at local hospitals.

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