Health First | King's College PA students get hands-on training

Health First | King's College PA students get hands-on training

This is Emergency Medical Services Week here in Pennsylvania and some King’s College students who are studying to practice medicine recently took a field trip out of their usual classroom.

It wasn’t for fun and games, but rather to take part in training that could mean the difference between life and death.

The teachers in this training session are paramedics, nurses and other professionals from area hospitals.

The students are enrolled in the King's College Physician Assistant’s program.

They traveled to Commonwealth Health’s Emergency Medical Services building in Scranton for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training as part of their curriculum.

"It preps them for the real world, when they get into clinical settings and they encounter a critically ill patient or cardiac arrest, that team dynamic, working as a group in that scenario is part of this experience and I think it's a really important part," said Carmen Passaniti, who is an American Heart Association Training Coordinator.

The American Heart Association developed a DVD-based program so it’s consistent everywhere.

It consists of lectures and classroom training along with this rotation of hands on experience.

"Extremely valuable, we are in charge of controlling the situation when the patient is in cardiac arrest and there's a lot we need to know how to do and it's spontaneous based on a patient's condition, so very valuable," said Jason Nobrega, a King's College Physician Assistant student.

"I think it's definitely important for all of us to get this experience before we head out to rotation in a couple weeks; it's good to be able to practice hands-on when it's not life or death," said Emma Hanrahan, a King's College Physician Assistant student.

Classes like these for the King's College Physician's Assistant program are for advanced cardiac life support and they're not only offered for EMT's and medical professionals.

"We do offer public classes for basic life support and CPR for everyone, not just health care providers and first responders," said Passaniti.

The Commonwealth Health EMS team can do on-site training or groups can schedule classes at the Keyser Avenue building.

To find out more about CPR training through Commonwealth Health, go to its website or call 570-207-5200.

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