Bariatric surgery: A 'life-changing' decision

Bariatric surgery: A 'life-changing' decision

"I feel like a totally new person," said Morgan Evans.

For Morgan Evans, a walk in the park no longer leaves her feeling winded as she did a few years ago.

Back then, Morgan was fighting a lifelong battle with obesity and was about 100 pounds overweight.

Nothing worked until Morgan decided to get the weight loss surgery called Sleeve Gastrectomy.

"In four years, I lost a total of 90-95 pounds. It has totally changed my outlook on life. I'm not only a happier person, but people who know me and love me see a change in me as well," Evans said.

The confident 'new' Morgan says the surgery is definitely not an easy way out, she is extremely committed to diet, exercise and will continue with follow-up check-ups every six months.

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Clark Gerhart says this is a life changing surgery that has many positive benefits.

"It really changes their lifestyle, the way they live, the way they interact with people and their activities, that's what makes it so exciting," Dr. Gerhart said.

Dr. Gerhart uses minimally invasive robotic techniques to make the smallest incisions possible for the fastest recovery and the best results.

For Morgan, she says she has the tools to make the right decisions as she goes forward and it's not only about her, she is willing to talk about her experience in an effort to help other people.

"Not only did you change your life, but you helped other people who struggled with the same things you did," Evans said smiling.

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