Race for Superior Court judge heats up as nine candidates try for four openings

Race for Superior Court judge heats up as nine candidates try for four openings

In just seven days, voters will head to the polls for Election Day. While there’s no Presidential election this year, there are still big statewide races. Arguably the biggest is the race for Superior Court judge.

There are nine candidates vying for four openings on the state Superior Court. Eight of them participated in a forum Tuesday at Widener University Law School. Jules Mermelstein, Wade Kagarise, Emil Giordano, Debbie Kunselman, Maria McLaughlin, Carolyn Nichols, Craig Stedman, Geoff Moulton and Mary Murray are running for the openings. The state Superior Court is an appellate court that carries a lot of weight.

“It’s a court that hears appeals. It hears all the appeals that are not involving some government entity. So criminal and civil cases,” said forum moderator David Thornburgh.

The court handles roughly 5,000 cases a year, and some voters recognize the importance of that.

“Decisions that are made in the court affect all of us,” said voter Ed Collins, of Harrisburg.

Collins came to the forum to learn more about the candidates.

“This country’s in a peril right now and I just think that it’s important through the judiciary that we address some of the issues,” said Collins.

Each candidate answered questions about their backgrounds as well as wiretapping, ethics and accepting gifts.

“We are at a time in our history where there’s a lot of concern about how well government works and there’s some concern that it’s getting away from us,” said Thornburgh.

There was mention during the event that this would be a low turnout election year since there are so few races, but people who attended Tuesday’s forum hope that’s not the case.

“It’s never been easier in the history of this country to learn something about people and politics and positions so take a few minutes,” said Thornburgh.

These are links to each of the candidates’ web sites if you would like to learn more.

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