County Commissioners: Still vote for reassessment regardless of judge's ruling


UPDATE: Commonwealth Court upholds previous decision. Votes on reassessment will not count in Lackawanna County.

County Commissioners recently appealed the ruling that the ballot question was too confusing for voters and that votes tallied tonight would not be counted.

The County Commissioners say it's important for everyone to get out and vote.

"We urge the people of Lackawanna County to go out tomorrow and vote on behalf of their families. What works best for their families,” Commissioner Pat O’Malley said.

O'Malley still wants people to vote on the property tax reassessment referendum when they enter the voting booth Tuesday, even though it might not count in the end.

"Whether the appeal goes through or it fails, we'd still like to know what your thoughts and feelings are on reassessment in Lackawanna County,” O’Malley said.

Last week, the county filed an appeal after a panel of judge's ruled any votes on the reassessment cast on election day will be "null and void."

Chuck Volpe is one of two petitioners who filed the original lawsuit against the county, saying the question was too confusing for voters.

In an interview Monday evening, Volpe told us he doesn't understand why the commissioners want the voters to decide in this specific election.

"The trial court provided the remedy. Re-word it. Educate the voters. Let people understand what they're voting on and this could wait until May. Unless they have some ulterior motive for trying to ram it down people's throats in November,” Volpe said.

Commissioner Laureen Cummings response is there's less voter turnout in May.

"It's an actual vote for party, it's not a vote for referendum. The independents can't vote, and I don't think we would get an accurate number in the primary, and it can be manipulated easier in the primary,” Cummings said.

"Independents are allowed to vote in the primary, if there's a referendum question, and do,” Volpe said.

It's expected the results of the votes will be released regardless of the ruling.

Also, the commissioners can ultimately vote on whether or not to go through with the reassessment.

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