Volpe's Views - Reassessment


The Odd Couple of Lackawanna County, that being Majority Commissioners, Republicrat Patrick "Cheese" O'Malley and Tea Party Republican Lauren Cummings, both showed stunning cowardice when they voted to put a long-needed county reassessment on the November ballot in a referendum.

O'Malley and Cummings are oblivious to the fact that they were elected to an executive office to make tough decisions like this one not cop out for obvious political reasons and set up for failure a badly needed reassessment. Not to worry, political courage is not something either one of them will ever be accused of.

Despite the responsible position from Minority Commissioner Jerry Notarianni, the real Democrat in the office, to wait and put the question on the ballot next year, to ensure there would be sufficient time to educate the public on reassessment, the dysfunctional majority chose their political health over the long-term stability of the county approving a confusing ballot question one needs to be a rocket scientist to understand. Part of the ballot question includes "predetermination ratios". Do you know what they are? Neither does anyone else.

Even more questionable than shirking their executive responsibility, is the question of why in the middle of discussing the referendum at a public meeting, O'Malley saw the need to call for an "Executive Session" after receiving what appeared to be a text message. Could it be that O'Malley's handlers saw that Cummings was about to do an about-face when she said, surprisingly, that she agreed with Mr. Notarianni on waiting until next year for the ballot question on the assessment? That's when O'Malley gave new meaning to the term "red-faced" and called for an illegal executive session, apparently, so that his band of lawyers and cronies could strong arm Cummings. This was apparently successful, because in an about-face after the executive session, and in defiance of the public's right to know, Cummings voted with O'Malley to put the question on the November ballot, ensuring it has no chance.

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