Volpe's Views on the "Do Not Call List"

Volpe's Views on the "Do Not Call" List

As soon as the ink dried on the legislation creating the government’s “Do Not Call List,” unscrupulous telemarketers began engineering ways to circumvent the law and continue their predatory ways.

You may have gone through the motions to have your numbers placed on the Do Not Call List, yet the calls still keep coming. According to a recent FCC report, newer technology and so-called boiler rooms operating overseas frustrate any kind of enforcement measures.

Attorneys general in several states have issues warnings about companies called Card Services or Cardholder Services who solicit your credit card information.

Most calls, according to the FCC report, show up on caller I.D.s from “Sideline,” an application for smart phones and virtually untraceable.

You should use extreme caution when it comes to your private information, especially when giving it out in unsolicited phone calls. The identity you save will be your own.

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