Volpe's Views on Pornography

Chuck Volpe gives his take on the recently approved resolution that condemns pornography as a public health crisis.

With the recent explosion of sexual harassment by entertainers, politicians and others growing daily, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Health Committee recently approved a resolution 19 to five that condemned pornography as a public health crisis.

Representative Matt Baker, (R-Tioga), said the thrust of the public awareness of the resolution is to condemn childhood exposure to pornography. If adopted by the full House, Pennsylvania would become the 20th state declaring pornography a public crisis.

Critics of the resolution said they were opposed to the concepts covered by it since there are more pressing matters relating every day to sexual mores, the effects of which should be the first of a similarly declarative action by the committee.

"For the last month," said Representative Kevin Boyle (D) Philadelphia "the focus should really be on something that women feel every day, not just in this country, but in the western world.

Doing something about this awful trend now rather than later is a huge step in the right direction. Right now, it seems to be running out of control.

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