Volpe's Views on Expanding AG Authority

Volpe's Views

State auditor general Eugene DePasquale is pushing a plan for the New Year that includes a request for broader authority. Currently, his office cannot investigate legislative spending or municipal authorities.

The former House Democrat, now in his second term as auditor general, said recently that a spate of recent revelations that the General Assembly has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle sexual harassment claims is one of the reasons he wants the ability of audit them.

Said DePasquale, "I guarantee you 90 percent of the members--if not higher-­ had no idea that took place. So if members didn't know, imagine the outrage from taxpayers that that money was being used to settle those lawsuits."

With sunshine being the best disinfectant, it's prudent for the legislature to expand the auditor general's authority to include legislative and municipal authority spending. After all, the taxpayers have a right to know where their money goes.

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