Volpe's Views on Coal

Somehow the slogan "Make America Great Again" rings hollow when one considers the impact of proposed roll backs by the EPA on carbon emission standards to pre-2005 levels

Today, Washington is full of bureaucrats who are convinced global warming is a hoax of some sort.

And a hoax it may be, but that is disputed by hundreds of experts on the subject. The Obama-era rule that EPA Director Scott Pruitt wants to abolish called for a reduction of planet-warming emissions by 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Coal-fired power generations spews millions of tons of noxious gasses into the atmosphere annually. Today, with the abundance of natural gas, most of that could be eliminated.

Before tampering with regulations that, most likely, will have no direct impact on us, the EPA and the powers to be in Washington need to look a lot farther down the road at the legacy of allowing more and more noxious gases that are documented to cause breathing difficulties and acid rain will affect our grandchildren and their children. They have to adopt an "It's not about us" attitude.

Coal is a dinosaur to allow it to further destroy our fragile environment is nothing short of offensive as well as unhealthy.

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