Volpe's Views: Concealed Weapons

Volpe's Views: Concealed Weapons

It came as no surprise when Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro rescinded a concealed carry weapons permit reciprocity agreement with Virginia.

In fact, Mr. Shapiro stated that Virginia's requirements for obtaining concealed carry permits fall below Pennsylvania's, so the Virginia permits will no longer be accepted as valid here on May 16.

Following up on the attorney general's announcement, my research department discovered an Internet site where a concealed carry permit could be obtained for Virginia for $19 after answering 16 questions and watching a video. The site boasts that the permit has reciprocity in 34 states.

Gun safety and is at the forefront of the American Agenda since the mass shooting in Florida. Making it easier to obtain a concealed carry permit in an online test which, by the way, can be taken over and over again until one passes, is ludicrous and lends credibility to more discussions for the potential of a nationally recognized carry permit with stringent background checks.

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