Volpe's Views: Computer Criminals


Computer criminals, domestic and foreign, are right now hard at work trying to steal your personal information for their personal gain. Time and time again data breaches --even in our electoral system -- have touched millions of us.

The most recent breach, reported by the credit reporting company Equifax, involved the personal information of more than 140 million people whose credit card numbers, phone numbers and Social security numbers may have been compromised.

However, this information breach was made public on September 8 by Equifax --nearly four months after it was discovered by the credit giant's technology people.

It's impossible to tell yet how many people suffered losses by this breach, but waiting four months to advise an unsuspecting public is unacceptable.

Congress should investigate this matter and mandate that huge companies immediately alert the public and not sit around deciding on how it will "spin" it for damage control as Equifax apparently did in this instance.

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