Volpe's Views: Absentee Ballot

Volpe's Views: Absentee Ballot

Governor Tom Wolf is proposing changing the election code to allow for same-day voter registration and easing the absentee ballot process to a "no excuse" absentee ballot.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters those two changes kick the door wide open for fraud on both counts. Currently, there are bills in the House, sponsored by Democrats, that could implement same-day registration.

If people care enough about their right to vote, then registering for the process the way it is now should not be an inconvenience.

As for the absentee ballots, to obtain one the current criteria states that a voter has to be incapacitated, hospitalized or out of town to get one. Implementing "no excuse absentees" would open up the floodgates for fraud.

Believe it or not, an elected Lackawanna county official years ago was widely rumored to have conducted "workshops" on how to steam open an absentee ballot. Obviously, for the purpose of changing them.

"No excuse absentees?" I don't think so.

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