Volpe's View: Prison Raid


Lackawanna County Commissioner Chairman - Patrick "Cheese" O'Malley, demonstrated, again, a void of leadership when the state police and agents from the Attorney General's office raided the county admin building and the prison. Apparently when the going gets tough, the tough duck and run. He ducked the cameras and reporters who were seeking answers as to why the raids were occurring. You may remember, we recently did a view on the 11 County reassessment referendum, with Mr. O'Malley irresponsibly placing it on the ballot with language so confusing - it is bound to fail.

Now, once again - - O'Malley, who earned the nickname "Cheese" because cameras were like a magnet to him which he couldn't resist, did an about-face and ducked and ran away from WNEP'S cameras and questions from reporter Dave Bohman -- as well as the Scranton Times.

As the armed troopers and agents from the attorney general's office executed warrants for computer hard drives and records, O'Malley not only ran from the cameras, he dodged his responsibility to the taxpayers.

As commissioner chairman and a member of the prison board, O'Malley had a compelling obligation to come forward with some kind of an explanation of what was going on, not hide from the cameras by covering his face.

Remember O'Malley was a former prison guard himself and was accused in a formal deposition in a civil lawsuit related to prison matters of "tipping off" his

former coworkers when inspections were coming. O'Malley has denied this claim.

O'Malley’s leadership abilities are more suited for photo-ops at parades and carnivals.

In fact, O’Malley right now should do the right thing and step down from his position on the prison board until the grand jury -- reportedly investigating the prison -- issues its report and/or indictments. That grand jury reportedly is reviewing records from the time when O'Malley was a prison guard. Stepping down is not an option, it's an obligation.

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