The Volpe Report with Vince Galko

The Volpe Report with Vince Galko

Two of the three Republican candidates for governor in the May 15 primary -- Paul Mango and Scott Wagner -- have gone at each other with attack ads and some observers say unopposed incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf could expect the same in the fall if Wagner or Mango win the Republican nomination.

Nationally recognized G.O.P. political strategist Vince Galko returned to The Volpe Report on FOX56 on April 29,2018, to break down the governor's race, a key U.S. Senate match-up, and U.S. Congressional races where candidates are running in controversial, newly-crafted districts.

Mr. Galko is a senior Vice President of Mercury Public Affairs and heads up its Pennsylvania Operations. "We are pleased to welcome Vince back to The Volpe Report," said show host Chuck Volpe. "He's very well qualified to break down this election and these races for our viewers and talk about what we can expect," the host added.

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