The Volpe Report with State Senator John Yudichak

State Senator John Yudichak

The Volpe Report from Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has never signed a budget during his three years in office, but State Senator John Yudichak said he sees a "consensus" in the legislature that this year's proposed spending plan will be on time and get the governor's signature.

Senator Yudichak (D-14th District) is the featured guest on The Volpe Report Sunday at 10;30 a.m. He and Chuck discuss the proposed $33 billion 2018/19 spending plan, with Yudichak noting that the fiscal blueprint as proposed is balanced with $1.5 billion in borrowed money.

In addition to the proposed budget, the senator and Chuck discuss the controversial redrawing of the state's Congressional Districts, economic development and the significance of job creation in the state.

Yudichak said he would like to get politics out of the redistricting process, a system that now favors Republicans. "The party in control puts its finger on the scale," he said, adding the process should be decided in public and "not in a backroom in Harrisburg."

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