The Volpe Report with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango

The Volpe Report with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango

Charging that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is not leading the Commonwealth in the right direction and has "no vision for the Commonwealth's future," Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango is the featured guest on The Volpe Report from Sunday, February 11, 2018, on FOX56.

Mr. Mango has no political resume to speak of, but the Pittsburgh area resident and Susquehanna County native graduated from West Point, served in the Army's iconic 82nd Airborne during five years of military service and then matriculated Harvard Business School, earning an MBA in healthcare.

Mango says he has been energized since he began his campaign nine months ago and sees good jobs and the elimination of the state opiate problems as key issues in the campaign. Bond ratings, he says, have been downgraded under Wolf. "Right now," he said, "we have spending bills before we figure out where the money is going to come from." He added, "We don't have the right leadership."

Learn what Mango would do in his first 100 days if he becomes the GOP nominee and eventually governor of Pennsylvania.

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