The Volpe Report with Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack

The Volpe Report with Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack

Pennsylvania's 33rd Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack, now seeking a nomination for a second term in the Democratic Primary on May 15, says he "appreciates" all of the money -- $13 million so far -- being spent by the two leading Republican candidates for governor.

Those two leading candidates have been running attack ads on each other and Lieutenant Governor Stack called it a "Blood Bath," adding, "I'm delighted to see it. He said, "voters want candidates to be on a higher plane."

Lieutenant Governor Stack is the guest on The Volpe Report Sunday, May 6, 2018, on FOX56.

Making his case for reelection, the lieutenant governor talks about his work on a myriad of projects he's involved in from standing up for veterans, working hard for the future of young people and making the Commonwealth more business friendly.

Prior to becoming Lt. Governor, Stack served in the Pennsylvania State Senate from 2001 to 2015. As Lieutenant Governor, he sits on the parole board where he has introduced "Pathway to Pardons," a special program to give non-violent offenders a chance to clean up their records.

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