The Volpe Report with Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack sits down with Chuck Volpe.

A tiff between Pennsylvania Democrat Lt. Governor Mike Stack and Gov. Tom Wolf over State police protection is history and was related to a family medical condition, says the lieutenant governor and he's now ready to forge ahead to next year's midterm elections in step with the governor as they both seek second terms. Chuck and the lieutenant governor also discuss his issues with the governor removing his security detail as well as the ongoing Inspector General's investigation of his office expenses.

Lieutenant Gov. Stack talks about his accomplishments and his agenda when he is the featured guest on The Volpe Report.

As part of his job, Lieutenant Gov. Stack sits on the parole board where, during his administration, he has introduced his "Pathway to Pardons" program, a special program to give non-violent offenders a chance to clean their records. The lieutenant governor also is credited with the formation of a Veterans' Task Force that has been taking care of more veterans because of their unique issues. Tune in Sunday as Lt. Governor Stack discusses these programs and his opinion on the need for a natural gas severance tax.

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