The Volpe Report with Democratic candidate Judy Herschel

The Volpe Report with Democratic candidate Judy Herschel

Program note: Sunday's broadcast is a repeat from earlier this year before the State Supreme Court changed the Congressional Districts.

Judy Herschel now is a Democratic candidate in the new 12th District which encompasses 13 counties and part of another.

Ms. Herschel of Pennsylvania's new 12th Congressional District at present is relatively unknown, but she's out to change that when she seeks her party's nomination in the spring primary in a run at the seat now held by Republican Tom Marino.

A working mother in rural Susquehanna County, Mrs. Herschel now believes "it's a wonderful time for a woman" and she wants to be the voice "of my children and all of the people in the district."

In reference to dramatic upticks in harassment to women, she says " Women are speaking up like never before and we're not going to put up with it anymore."

Tune in to the Volpe Report Sunday as Ms. Herschel lays out her platform on everything from tax reform to the opiate epidemic gripping the nation.

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