Following a record warm-up, ice threatens area as weekend begins


Getting a flat tire is never fun.

But Troy Danjou and his wife Tanya are thankful it happened today instead of tomorrow.

"I actually went to city hall because I had to get a permit to start my work. And I got a flat on the highway, so I ended up, I said, 'I'm not going to miss my permit. So, I drove and I parked and I walked to city hall to get my permit. So everything worked out, Troy said.

The weather was so warm earlier tonight, Troy wore a light sweatshirt as he laid on the road to crank up the jack.

He used the winter coat to protect himself from the wet ground.

But those wet roads may turn icy as winter weather moves through the area late tonight.

At PPL Electric's Scranton office, officials tell us their crews are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

"During storms, trees are the number one cause of outages. So, when you have a combination of ice on trees, ice on the power lines, and strong winds, that really is a combination for a high number of outages, Alana Roberts, PPL Electric spokesperson, said.

Roberts say crews will work around the clock throughout the weekend to fix any downed lines as a result of the storm.

"We're closely monitoring the weather. Our crews are ready to respond. We will respond during all hours until the last customer is restored, as quickly and safely as possible,” Roberts added.

The Danjou's have a generator ready to go, in case they do lose power.

But they don't seem too concerned if they do go in the dark.

"We're going to stay in bed, light a candle, and have some cocoa. That's it. We're not going anywhere! I'm going to stay in, Troy said.

"I'm grateful it's Saturday. We don't have to worry about the kids. We don't have to worry about delays. So we can just rest, like he said. Have cocoa, Tanya added.

State officials say if you lose power this weekend, it's best to make sure you have your phones charged.

Also, if you're using a generator: make sure you run it outside.

If you do lose power, Roberts say you can dial 1-800-PPL to report an outage.

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