Meningitis immunizations


She's the voice for survivors of meningitis all over the world. 28-year-old Jamie Schanbaum has made a name for herself as the girl who's saving lives.

In 2008, as a student at the University of Texas at Austin -- Jamie contracted meningoccocal meningitis -- an infection that attacks the tissue around the brain and spinal chord.

She lost both legs below the knee, the majority of both hands and spent 7 months in the hospital.

Her mother went before the Texas legislature urging lawmakers to create a law requiring students who live on campus to get the meningitis vaccine. It passed.

And even though it's typically spread in places like dormitories -- Jamie got it while living *off* campus -- and knew more had to be done.

So, in 2011, after the death of a Texas A&M student who also lived off campus -- she helped get the law amended to include *all* college students in Texas, period.

This young girl, with an unstoppable attitude, refusing to let meningitis ruin her life...or anyone elses.

Since 2011 -- immunization rates have gone up by 50 percent in Texas -- with more than 325-thousand students getting vaccinated every year.

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