Three Powerball winners in NEPA

Three Powerball winners in NEPA

CATAWISSA, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WOLF) -- The massive Powerball jackpot valued at over $785 million dollars did not go to a Pennsylvanian, but not everyone in our area went away empty-handed.

In Northeastern Pennsylvania there are three people who woke up today quite a bit richer.

"My first thought was, 'please let my son have bought the ticket there as he always does,'" said Paula Murphy.

There were two $200 thousand-dollar tickets, one sold at the Weis Market in Shamokin, Northumberland County, and one sold at the Giant Market in Berwick, Columbia County.

"I thought it was pretty awesome. I'm glad one of my customers won. I'm glad they won big," said Giant Store Manager Joe Cardone.

And one $2 million-dollar ticket sold at the Fresh N Quik in Catawissa, Columbia County.

"It's a small convenience store, yeah, and it's just so nice to know. I turned on the TV today and it was like 'ahh' it's the store I always go to! It was nice to see somebody from our area making it big," said Murphy, who lives nearby in New Media.

And while a select few have steeper pockets, others are left with losing numbers.

"Oh, oh. No good. Jelly donuts," said Cyril Kowalik, who lives across the street from the Fresh N Quik. He plays the Powerball often, buying five tickets yesterday, hoping for a big win.

"First thing I would have done is take care of my family - everybody, nieces, nephews, grandkids, everybody - I'd take care of them first," he said.

Now he's left wondering who did strike those magic numbers.

"I hope I know him! I hope he takes care of me. I hope he takes care of me at least! It's probably the ticket after I bought," he said.

But win or lose today, some folks are still hopeful they'll eventually strike their own jackpot.

"I'm a big animal activist so I would have given a lot of money to our local shelter. And then I would have gone on a great vacation and maybe get some stuff done around the house that I wanted to get done but unfortunately it's not me but congrats to the winner - good for them!" said Murphy.

"I'd invest it. I'd try to make some money off that money," said Cardone.

And never giving up.

"Nobody will put me down, nobody. I'll keep trying and trying," said Kowalik.

The winners in Catawissa, Berwick and Shamokin have yet to come forward and claim their prize money.

In Pennsylvania, winners have one year from the drawing date to claim their prizes. Winners cannot be identified until prizes are claimed and tickets are validated.

The next drawing is on Saturday, with a jackpot of $40 million dollars.

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