Snow slowly melts away after blizzard

Conditions are improving in Tunkhannock, four days after a blizzard hit. (WOLF)

TUNKHANNOCK, WYOMING COUNTY (WOLF) -- With temperatures holding above freezing all day, the snow from Tuesday's blizzard continues to melt away.

We didn't spot anyone shoveling or snowblowing in Tunkhannock this afternoon. It was quiet. And that's good news in an area that dealt with an avalanche blocking a road on Tuesday.

Things seemed to have improved, four days after the Blizzard of 2017.

We saw cars driving down clear asphalt with no slush or snow. It was a special pleasure after what we experienced earlier this week.

"We were in Black Walnut today and the roads are clear, they're good," says Sharon Appleby.

"The snow is melting really quickly, so it's nice to see it's getting better," says Tyler Greene.

Greene is enjoying a more restful day of his spring break from Lock Haven University. He spent about 12 hours, spread out over two days, shoveling at home and his grandpa's house.

"The top foot was really light, but then once you got to the bottom foot or so, it was pretty darn heavy," says Greene.

Because he was home, his mom didn't have to shovel as much. Born in a blizzard year, 1993, this is one snowfall he's sure to remember.

"I think because everyone predicted it, we knew it was coming, we were prepared," says Appleby. "It was nice because it happened overnight, so a lot of people were able to stay home. They weren't caught in the snowstorm."

"On Thursday, when I was trying to get to work, the roads weren't super clear," says Marcy Olson. "But our big challenge is where to put the snow right now."

Olson says she hurt her back while shoveling out her steps, but a man across the street had a snowblower.

"We have an amazing neighbor who came over and spent about three hours doing our driveway," says Olson.

"I actually enjoyed it a lot. We went sledding. We went playing in the snow and it was really fun," says high school student Olivia Heise.

With Tunkhannock High School closed for four days this week, students got to enjoy the outdoors and help with digging out.

But today, no one seemed to be shoveling. The snow has melted down a bit from its two-foot heights. Water was dripping from icicles onto the snow.

The anticipated extra inch or three of snow today did not materialize here on Wyoming Avenue.

"I'm OK without having it. Unfortunately, I think we got it way too quick. I don't think we were prepared for it because we had a really mild winter up to this point," says Olson.

"You couldn't really drive anywhere the past few days, but now I think it's shaping up to be better," says Heise.

There's still a lot of snow to melt and we have a few good days of melting ahead, with temperatures in the 40s in the forecast.

So if you want to make a snowman, you'd better hurry. Monday is the first day of spring and the Blizzard of 2017 will soon be a memory. Fox56 will also be watching out for any possible flooding.

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