BREAKING: Jury finds Eric Frein guilty on all 12 counts in ambush attack

FILE - In this Jan. 5, 2015 file photo, Eric Frein is led away by Pennsylvania State Police Troopers at the Pike County Courthouse after his preliminary hearing in Milford, Pa. Frein, who is charged in the fatal ambush of a state police barracks, told authorities on the night of his capture, "I did this. No one else did," according to a videotaped interview played for jurors at his capital murder trial on Tuesday, April 11, 2017. (Butch Comegys/The Times & Tribune via AP, File)

UPDATE 5:04 p.m.: Jury has reached a verdict in trial of accused cop-killer, Eric Frein. Finds Frein guilty of all 12 counts.

The jury will begin deliberating Wednesday in the case against Eric Frein who is charged with the murder and attempted murder of two state police officers.

Eric Frein was in court Wednesday morning wearing glasses and a black suit and watching on as his defense team and the district attorney presented their closing arguments.

Defense lawyer Mike Weinstein started his closing arguments by thanking the jury for their time, attention and presence. He told them "you decide who's responsible," but to remember Frein's presumption of innocence.

Weinstein said, "a tragedy of monumental proportions took place in September of 2014."

He told the jury they are the judge of the facts in this case. He admitted there is a "mountain of evidence" that points at his client but asked, "is it proof?"

Weinstein told the jury to consider the Jeep which he says was found three days after the shooting by a citizen and points out that it was not found by law enforcement. He also told them to consider a campsite Frein allegedly stayed at and left behind personal items; he says there were no before pictures of the site only after the police "ransacked" it.

After no more than 15 minutes Weinstein ended his arguments telling the jury to consider the quality of evidence rather than the quantity.

District Attorney Ray Tonkin then presented his closing arguments with a presentation lasting more than an hour. Tonkin began by telling the jury on September 12, 2014 Eric Frein was "a terrorist with murder in his heart, a plan in his mind, and a rifle in his hand."

Tonkin described the attack to the jury saying Frein positioned himself 87 yards from the door of the state police barracks, waited to strike, struck, and then waited 90 seconds and struck again.

The DA told the jury to follow the path of evidence. He listed the evidence starting with a file found on a computer in the hangar. He said this file was written by Frein after the attack of Cpl. Bryon Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglass. The file, which he showed the jury a picture of, says "our nation is far from what it was and what it should be," and ends with, "I love you, please forgive my many faults... I am just not a good son."

After this the district attorney talked about the charges Frein is facing and showed surveillance videos from the police station on September 12, 2014. In the videos Tonkin describes Cpl. Dickson getting shot and falling to the ground, Nicole Palmer running outside and back in, and Trooper Alex Douglass getting shot as he's entering the barracks and then crawling on the floor inside the lobby.

In terms of other evidence the DA talks about the ammunition, gun rack, bomb making table, sniper training book, and lists he says were found by police in Frein's bedroom. He also talks about the notes he said were writing by Frein during the attack and the 48 day manhunt.

Tonkin told the jury, "we do not change government in America with bullets, we change it with votes," but said Frein, "decided he was going to change it with bullets and bombs."

The district attorney wrapped up his arguments by pointing to Frein in the courtroom and saying, "he's guilty of each and every crime charged," and told the jury there are 12 steps to justice he said they now need to take.

Frein is facing 12 charges which are: 2 counts of first degree murder, 2 counts of attempted murder, assault of law enforcement with a firearm, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, discharge of a firearm into an occupied structure, possessing criminal instrument, and recklessly endangering another.

As of noon the judge was expected to give the jury their final instructions and send them to deliberate.


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